Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboard Advertising gives the Green Miyagi Network increased market reach allowing for an expanded & varied consumer base in Dallas, Texas.

Green Miyagi Network Mobile Billboard Advertising

  1. We provide you with dedicated ad space on our mobile auto detailing unit.
  2. We drive around each day providing services at the various locations determined by our customers in Dallas, Texas.
  3. Your advertisement is presented wherever we happen to be as we're driving, but additionally, it remains stationary in a differing location for a period(s) of up to 8-hour increments daily.
  4. This creates exposure for your business in places other ad mediums cannot reach where consumers come into contact with them organically & adventitiously.
  5. Location will vary daily but would include residences in neighborhoods, parking lots of workplaces or campuses, and any local space in the North Texas area vehicles are parked.
  6. The ad is magnetized for easy removal to be updated or replaced.
  7. Ad size varies but is limited by whichever vehicle panel your ad is placed, but at minimum, they are 2 square feet.
  8. Ad visual content and design are under your control completely if the content doesn't contain any profanity or inappropriate imagery.
  9. We will assist to any degree including completely depending on your desire/need. Ads providers used are ultimately at the discretion of Green Miyagi with us being transparent, but outside input or suggestions would be considered reasonably then implemented possibly.
  10. You would provide final approval before ads are placed on vehicles for public display.
  11. We provide one ad per annual contract sponsorship period.
  12. Changing ads during this time is possible if you're willing to reimburse any cost to us upfront.
  13. We can grant you access to our shared location through a google timeline so you can track where your ad is being displayed real-time.

Marketing Analysis

Mobile Billboard Services

"According to authoritative research, it has been proven that one mobile billboard during the day is just as effective as 25-50 stationary billboards. The advantage of mobile advertising is its presence in many places within the same day. This allows the advertisement to reach a diverse group of people. The mobile billboard can see between 30,000 and 80,000 people in one day, depending on the route and the city. Mobile advertising is a great addition to traditional advertising campaigns as well as a way to quickly show up on the local market."


How much do mobile billboard ads cost?

greener business benefits vehicle of change mobile billboard ad space


"Mobile Billboard Truck, Static/Print

Range of $800 - $2,400 per truck per 8 hour period


Mobile Billboard Truck, Digital/LED/Video

Range of $1,250 - $3,600 per truck per 8 hour period


All rates and minimum ad figures depend on timing and market, and availability may change without notice.

Minimum Purchase: Minimum purchase requirement is  $5,000 per market or higher (depending on the market), which may be spread over displays and periods.


Static Mobile Billboard Trucks


Ad Campaign Average Costs

$500 – $1000 per truck/per day (8 hour day)


Billboard Print Production Costs

2 Panels (1 set) – $775

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