Business Benefits

Greener Business Benefits

Green Miyagi Network

When requesting that you join the US together in the name of Greener Dallas Business

we do not expect you to do it just because.


Because we want you to reap the benefits of this collab first-hand we put together a

Greener Business Benefits package that we believe equals or exceeds

that for which we ask in exchange.


So we put together a little 'slide' show below hehe... to present the Greener Business Benefits

your brand or business recieves from a

Green Miyagi Network partnership.



Social Responsibility.



Green Miyagi mobile billboard advertising is based in Dallas, Texas. The exterior panels on our vehicle become your dedicated business ad space. Displays are approximately 2 or 3 square feet dependent upon which vehicle panel ads are placed.

Our 4 years of creating WordPress websites & utilizing various web products ensures your business maintains a digital marketing presence. We also create links on our websites so that customers we attract are a click away from your website, page, or social media account.

Brand Co-Marketing an entire 'Green Miyagi Network' is foundational to our business strategy. So when we advertise through print, attend events, web ad, provide services, & use social mediums your business gets visibility equal to ours. We believe resource effectiveness is multiplied by Brand Co-Marketing techniques.

Green Brand Affiliation in 2021 is showing us consumers are more willing to spend their money with Sustainable Social Responsibility Business brands. If Green Branding is new to your business that will change once affiliated with the North Texas Water Conservation Mission of the Green Miyagi Brand.

We are serious about this Greener Dallas Business, Sustainable Social Responsibility Business, and our North Texas Water Conservation Mission. Real serious. If you are wondering how I could be so sure of this let's just say that we convinced myself when re-creating the brand logo by putting trust into a Deep Ellum artist as he basically designed it into existence in the form of a face tattoo.


On myself.  On my only face...  Yeah.

You should probably join US.

-Corey Sargent DBA Green Miyagi