Brand Co-Marketing

Brand Co-Marketing

Brand Co-Marketing our Greener Dallas Business makes us one big happy green advertising family through the Sustainable Social Responsibility Business of our Green Miyagi Network.

Green Miyagi Network Brand Co-Marketing

  • The entire 'Green Brand Network' is promoted as one Sustainable Social Responsibility Business coalition.
  • The Arrival (Home) page for each Green Miyagi Brand site on the internet connects our customers straight to your business.
  • Network members benefit when new leads landing on your websites, web pages, or social media accounts will occur to some degree.
  • Green Miyagi's green marketing mix equally represents each Brand Sponsor unilaterally and uniformly.
  • This includes any time we advertise via print, attend events to promote, display branding on our website, provide services, or when utilizing any other marketing method that the same business services benefit you.
  • Every dollar we spend marketing buys you business services equivalent to ours monetarily.
  • Green Miyagi has the final say on the promotional/advertising/marketing activity we ultimately take.
  • Visual content and design of your Brand image for ads are under your control completely if the content doesn't contain any profanity or inappropriate imagery.
  • We will assist to any degree including completely depending on your desire/need.
  • We will be completely transparent about our marketing mix methodology and expense.
  • Input or suggestive marketing actions from your Brand is welcome and has a possibility of being implemented.

How beneficial can brand co-marketing be?

of companies

Say partnerships drive more than 20% of total company revenue

of consumers

Are able to make buying decisions before even speaking to sales representatives (after seeing co-marketing campaigns)

of companies

Say partnerships and affiliate marketing campaigns are a high or very high priority for their businesses

Brand Co-Marketing Benefits

Benefits of Co-Branding

"Co-branding is a partnership between two businesses where one company's success contributes to the success of the other. Co-branding partnerships are most impactful when they involve two similar companies working together, as audience members obtain unique value from their relationship. An example of co-branding that you may already be familiar with is a sports company partnering with an athlete.

1. Co-branding is exciting for consumers. When two businesses work together, the partnership is exciting for consumers. They may have never expected your collaboration, so they're eager to see what's to come. Co-branding attracts interest and increased attention, as it is not a common practice. You may have customers refreshing your social media feeds or checking your websites on launch days because they're incredibly excited about what's to come.

2. Co-branding brings exposure to new audiences. Although you may operate in the same industry, you and your partner likely target different audience segments. When you work together on a co-branding campaign, you gain exposure to their audience, they gain exposure to yours, helping both of you increase brand awareness, draw in new clients, and grow your overall reach.

3. Co-branding helps you generate trust with new audiences. When you're advertising alone and emerging into new markets, it is your responsibility to build trust with your audience. However, a benefit to co-branding is that your partners vouch for your credibility. Your new audiences may not trust you 100% off the bat, but the trust that they have in your partner tells them that they wouldn't expose them to a brand that they disagree with or don't find credible. Essentially, your partners are telling their audience that they can trust you because they trust you.

4. Co-branding is cost-effective. When you work with another brand, you're both committing to sharing resources and putting money into your advertising efforts. This means that you can save money and spend more than you may have had access to with your individual budget."

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Ways to best promote in 2021

How to promote your business in your community

"Partnering with non-competitive businesses that serve the same clientele can be a great way to promote your business in your local network. Once you have established a relationship, you can cross-promote each other’s services through your email lists and in-store flyers or coupons, or by engaging them through social media. Don’t be afraid to get creative to maximize the promotional value of the partnership."

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