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Together, all of US are on a

North Texas Water Conservation Mission

because we all 'ought' to do greener Dallas business... all together.

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That is why this site is here,

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US is why you are here too.

Greener Dallas Business via Green Miyagi Network


The Reasoning


Green Miyagi Network | Greener Dallas Business is a product of the Green Miyagi Brand. We are a Dallas, Texas-based brand that serves North Texas because we were raised here, educated here, have felt pleasure here, suffered pains here, and we raise children here too. We would like that our kids can raise their kids here one day should they so choose.


Sustainable Social Responsibility Business is our core principle and the foundation of our existence, and it is what Greener Dallas Business is. We focus this social responsibility of being sustainable in our business dealings on our water supply here in North Texas. We have (TWDB Region C) arguably the most precarious water situation to face in this nation. It was the most life-critical North Texas issue we could conceive of being able to help resolve, and as such provides our purpose for making a profit.


The Green Miyagi WHY is simply our Generation Z progeny. Our desire is to shape the environmental & social conditions ensuring that we belief-create a future where Gen Z thrives. Specifically, Green Miyagi and the Network is on a North Texas Water Conservation Mission.




The Application


Primarily, we practice and promote Greener Dallas Business through Green Miyagi WATERLESS | Dallas Eco Auto DetailingAdditionally, our Green Miyagi Texas Web Design Store provides Web Design & Web Shop products for just about any internet-related need. The two combine to allow us to provide benefit to the community by involving local Dallas business brands. By partnering with the first 5 of you blessed enough to be in this as US we establish the unique and innovative Green Miyagi Network | Greener Dallas Business collaboration conducting Sustainable Social Responsibility Business together here in Dallas, Texas.




The Collaboration


Our model is designed to initially offer 5 local Dallas brands this one-of-a-kind opportunity to exchange their way into our Green Miyagi Network of Greener Dallas Business. In addition to the various services your business receives, you will be ensuring that the resources and support critical to our mission's success while partaking in its goodness. The necessary goodness of reducing the projected water demand on local communities until we can reach sustainable equilibrium in this region is the result we seek thus is what we dare aim to achieve.




Think Global. Act Local.


Together, the six of us will be implementing a Sustainable Social Responsibility Business model of doing Greener Dallas Business designed to drive local empowerment & community improvement forward collectively. This is a vision driven by our LOVE for our Generation Z sons & daughters under an unwavering belief that we have a moral obligation to do so.




We're so blessed & In Joy you've arrived!




Market Reach

Increase your customer base by looking all cool with your own billboard ad space on our mobile unit.

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Perception is reality. Improve your brand image by affiliating with social responsibility & sustainable business.

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Greener Dallas Business Consumers, Employees, & Economy

How and why sustainability is gaining momentum with customers

The Top 3 Greener Dallas Business Benefits of Sustainability

1) You connect with your customers

2) You increase employee engagement

3) It’s better for the bottom line



$$ Benefits Total Value

$10K + PLUS

Dallas Water Conserved

40-200 (gal)

This water is saved each time we provide an auto detailing service in Dallas. The resources you exchange to partner allows us to provide customers HALF-PRICED details every time.

Mobile Service Reach

396 (mi sq)

Becoming part of our network provides more than just the fuzzy feeling you experience when a customer shows gratitude for the better Sustainable Social Responsibility Business you're conscientiously choosing to do. If the appreciation from the community for your brand cutting their car detailing costs in half falls short of your standard of excellence we understand. We applaud it actually, and because we require 5 of you to make our reality a Dallas truth we provide a brand marketing services package with confidence and pride. 



You can ride while we drive.


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Greener Dallas Business Members Reap What They Sow

Sow Generously


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